Seeding |Aggregating|Accelerating the Power of Africa’s Young and Female Enterprises and Farmers.

GreenNatives | About Us

 Who we are

GreenNatives is a fit for purpose Enterprise Development agency who’s strength lies in conceptualising and implementing disruptive yet sustainable solutions for Female and Youth owned small enterprises, particularly in the Agriculture sector.

Our model is impact driven, resulting in Enterprise Growth, Localisation, and ultimately Job Creation.


Our Mission

gAt GreenNatives our mission is to advance the presence and participation of Female and Youth in the Agriculture sector by developing solutions that will provide access to expertise, growth opportunities, exposure, and most importantly markets in the industry. 

Our biased towards urban farming in particular is to attract young people and females to Agriculture through technology, whilst accelerating food security in Africa!

It is our belief that Africa’s Female and Youth farmers possess the power to socially and economically take the continent further, thus ours is to seed, aggregate, and accelerate that power!

What sets us apart?

After 10 years in the private sector, spearheading transformation and job creating projects in Africa and globally, focusing on marginalized groups through programmes such as Urban Agriculture, Sustainability Innovation and Accelerator programmes, we are confident to have garnered best in class tools and skills to implement winning solutions that drive change.

We are 100% youth, black and female owned (Level 1 BEE), and operate across small, medium, and large projects in both private and public sectors.

GreenNatives | Our Services

Strategy Development

We work with you to craft a mutually beneficial solution that will provide you with tangible Return on Investment, whilst creating value for local communities.

Programme & Project Implementation

With our local team of coordinators, our management style is that of perfectionism and are resourceful in our ways in order to bring your project to life.

B2B / B2C Market Facilitation

Connecting supply with demand is what fuels our fire! Often the two find it difficult to find one another, ours is to make that connection in order to either bring new entrants into the market or to increase the scale of that are there.

Stakeholder Management

Engaging at a human level is the principle we rely on in order to assist in identifying, analysing, planning for, executing, and managing relations between new and existing groups of stakeholders in the private and public sector, at local, regional, and global levels.

Reputation Management

We use multiple, fit for purpose channels to craft and manage a reputation strategy to position your organization’s brand with your key customers.

Presentation & Facilitation Services

“Engaging and interactive” is the approach we take in delivering you memorable experiences at your events.

“According to the World Economic Forum, by 2050 the demand for food will be 60% more than what it is today.

In South Africa we face a contrasting challenge of a rising population as a result of urbanisation, coupled with over 29% unemployment.

The growing industry of Urban Agriculture combats barriers such as access to land and operational resources, employment, and a shortened supply chain between farmer and consumer to enable fresh quality produce.

However the challenge that  both traditional and urban farmers face is access to visibility and much needed market access.

Enter GreenNatives.”

Phumzile Chifunyise, GreenNatives CEO

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GreenNatives | Meet the Team

Phumzile Chifunyise

Phumzile Chifunyise

CEO & Founder

ESD Practitioner, Speaker and Mrs SA 2020 Semi-Finalist with 10 years Corporate experience. A natural born leader and entrepreneur.

Nomvula Makgotlho

Nomvula Makgotlho

Strategic Advisor

Chief Director of Market Access at the Department of Small Business Development with 30 years Public Affairs experience.

Robert Chifunyise

Robert Chifunyise

Revenue Advisor

Projects General Manager at Newmark Hotels with 14 years Hospitality & Customer Service experience.

GreenNatives | Recent Projects

National Agro-processing Forum

We recently delivered a project to provide report writing and management services for the 3rd annual, National Agro-processing Forum. In partnership with the European Union (EU) through the Ecosystem Development for Small Enterprise (EDSE), the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALARD) hosted over 70 role players in the agro-processing fraternity to unlock challenges and solutions to the value chain.


UrbanCrop is our inhouse brand of fresh produce that we source directly from farmers, supplying into formal markets. With the understanding that market entry is one of the biggest challenges facing small scale farmers, our solution is to support the growth of local farmers by providing a proudly South African vehicle that will source and penetrate their produce on their behalf.

The benefit for you? Consumers like yourself can then have access to fresh, locally sourced and quality produce at a fraction of the price, within a shortened supply chain.

Reach out to us for your order or to find out more about our farmers!

Follow the journey here!

GreenNatives | Philanthropy

Urban Farming in Africa

Urban Farming In Africa is a video blog series that we started to identify and profile some of Africa’s lessor known urban farmers, that are slowly penetrating the market with their produce with the limited space that they have.

The aim of the Urban Farming In Africa series is to not only provide visibility to urban farmers, but it’s also a platform to educate consumers about the unique practice of urban farming that is rapidly taking the world by storm as an alternative to food security.

Do you know where your food comes from? It might just be grown on a rooftop somewhere in Johannesburg!

Follow our blog here to meet our Urban Farmers!

Mrs South Africa

Phumzile Chifunyise has recently been inaugurated a semi-finalist for the 2020 Mrs South Africa Pageant! This exciting opportunity enables her to connect with other like- minded women across the country, in order to drive solutions to social challenges in South

Mrs South Africa is a movement that celebrates the bonified, modern South African woman that is a fearless change agent for local communities.

The Mrs South Africa network is a community of multi-faceted businesswomen, industry experts, and philanthropists.

Follow the journey here!

GreenNatives | In the Field

A Brave new ‘Green’ World

A Brave new ‘Green’ World

We have all seen the news about Global Warming and the effects of fossil fuel on the planet and from that we have seen the birth of the birth of the green revolution which is great news and hopefully we can get our manure together and...

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Stepping beyond old school

Stepping beyond old school

South Africa has always had a rich agricultral side to it because of the furtile land rich in minerals and everything we need to get growing. We also know that the struggle to get access to land has been an ongoing part of our history......

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