How personal transition is seeing me through the change of Covid-19.

What a profound time this is, one filled with more questions than answers, more uncertainty than conviction, and more concern than what we collectively as a human race have seen in a very long time- certainly in my lifetime. As we strive to find our places in the same tumble dryer of storming, forming, norming and back again, one thing is for sure, we are certainly all connected to our state of feeling (negative and positive and everything in between).

Be that it may, would it surprise you if I told you that I’m eagerly optimistic? In as much as it scares me when it does happen but all in all, I’m actually in my element when I’m faced with change. For me change is one of those things that inspires me to recreate and to reposition. Don’t get me wrong I probably groan and scream halfway through the process but once I get into the rhythm, I get into artist mode as I reconfigure a new canvas. One thing that those around me know well is that I get bored easily. Thus for me change is something that I subconsciously look for after a certain period of time. But never did I ever imagine the magnitude and rate in which this change is bringing.

Like many of us 2019 was a hectic year to say the least. Riddled with all sorts of challenges career and otherwise, we jokingly hastened its end so we could usher in the new “20-plenty” year with all the hopes and dreams that we loaded it with. Four months in, many are wishing for the return of 2019 begging for mercy and forgiveness like that one lover we always took for granted lol. Oh but what an entry this new decade has made, we were met with what can only be described as the works of a divine force. I’m still in awe.

I can’t help but juxtapose this time that we’re in with the major shift that’s been happening in my own life. As I transition from corporate to my own business, I can’t help but embrace the metamorphosis.

 The time in isolation mirrors the time I’ve spent ideating and strategizing; relying on virtual means to communicate has reminded me of the need to apply creativity in adapting my business model to external forces; and limited options in movement parallels how I’ve had to be flexible to the sometimes-definitive demands of the market which unaware, can help in channelling one’s strengths.

One would expect the opposite however the past few months of building my company GreenNatives in the drastically changing world we’re in, has been best placed. What has enabled me is 2 things- understanding my offering and leveraging on relationships. Virtually all my complete as well as prospective transactions have come as a result of this.

My value offering in Enterprise Development advisory (one half of my business) has never been so clear. From my 10 year’s of experience garnered from the private sector coupled with my skill for innovation in development, I have now put a value to what I bring to the table. This unwavering quality enables me to be nimble to the new ways of doing things in our space albeit one thing remains- the need to solve for the economic growth for small players.

Without this surety I could never put together a pitch document to a multi-national, selling a tried and tested Sustainability model. I could never bring seasoned industry leaders to structure a never seen solution towards localisation in the much-needed Telecoms industry. I could never hold a conversation about bridging the gap between buyers and untapped suppliers to people faced with lack of supply in Agriculture. My intellectual skillset has given me the weapons to stand firm in courage towards the uncertainly of tomorrow.    

This brings me to salute all the small businesses that have been plagued by the ambiguity of our current times. As change has become eminent, I can only stand by the side-lines cheering you on to stand firm in your strengths as it is those very same qualities that have brought you this far, and will certainly see you through this wave of a new dawn.